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Re: Who is the best leader - Ralph, Jack or Piggy?
— by lauren :) lauren :)
I think that all boys provide valid leadership roles within the group of young boys, and in the begining there seperate abilitys are put to the best uses, it is only later on when the rivalry between key characters becomes more apparent that they begin to seperate. Ralph, Jack and Piggy all have different thought patterns and personalities, Jack has the strongest personality and is very vindictive which in a leader are promising qualities, however he is very head strng and fails to think before acting. Ralph has sensible and rational ideas and has everyones best intrests as top priority, but isnt as strong or demanding as Jack. His only interest is to get rescued and home safely as he represents civilisation, he wants all the boys to stick together to have the best chance of getting home but looses authority to Jack and becomes less optimistic, he is a good leader as he wants the best outcome for everyone, but he is not strong enough to dictate over the others, Piggy has no confidence in himselfs which means he could never be a leader as because he has no belief in himself the others fail to take notice of him as he has no authority over the boys. However he interprets many rational ideas and is more intellectual than he appears. Therefore all three boys have the potential to be good leaders but without eachother they do not have the ability to cover all areas of leadership. Personally I think that Piggy is the one with the best ideas and if he had the confidence he would be the best leader.