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Re: Who is the best leader - Ralph, Jack or Piggy?
— by JoeHewett JoeHewett
Agreeing with Daisy, i believe that all of the boys contain there own personal strenghts in the ways of which they try to rule over the island. However in my opinion, Piggy is one of the best possible leaders, yet his lack of confidence and low self asteem holds his back from progressing to be anything but ralphs side-kick. He has good idea's and is generally a level headed young child, Piggy in the story is the represenatation of the rational side of civilisation. However due to his appearance and the way of which at time he conducts himself, he is never to be taken seriously enough to be listened too. Piggy is degraded from the start, the name calling of fatty is one that sends the other young boys on the island into a rage of laughter, giving him the role of the pathetic boy of whom cannot stick up for himself. First impressions mean alot, and unfortunately in this case, the first impression that way made for Piggy in the novel is one that saw him through until his death. His cofidence grows and falls like a rollercoaster, and the moods of the boys are generally directed towards piggy, as if he where the island's punchbag. Piggy is loyal, level headed, Naive yet clever, and almost sick with innocence, and too much regret the other boys of the island know how to take advantage of this, leaving piggy in his current state of self reflection. Piggy would make a great leader, yet his appearance and confidence will never give him the chance too do so.