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Re: What do you think Golding suggests about the different types of leaders in the lord of the flies?
— by JoeHewett JoeHewett
I personally think that William Golding uses the idea of different island leaders to back up and support the subliminal message that underlines his novel of "The Lord Of The Flies". From reading the book it is gathered that Jack has been almost reborn in a sense that he is a different person, one of which is barbaric and not even half the civilsed young boy he used too once be, We also know that due to the way Jack has changed on this island, he is supposed to be a representation of the Devil, however expressed through human form. This related too the title, "The Lord Of The Flies" is generally related to satan or another form of Antichrist. As we know from reading the Novel, the cliché of bad guy, good guy occurs, in this case the containg the two main characters Ralph and Jack. Jack has become this barabaric young being of whom, no one can really relate to anymore, he has surrended to the island, branded with the idea that this is too now be his new home. Whereas Ralph is still the same boy he has always been, and is trying to stay strong, and grasping on to every possible form of hope he can, however the other boys do not see this. Jack has seized power by demonstrating a display of inhuman behaviour, of which has clearly captivated the boys, wheather they find this funny, or exciting, or even socially correct who knows, however Jack is now there animal like rolemodel. Too me the idea of this particular leadership being seized, hosts a biblical theme, the idea of God vs. The Devil, or the difference between a life of heaven and hell. The story hosts two sides, and in my opinion the theme of good and bad is one that stands out the most to this particular novel.