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— by Alice Dosher Alice Dosher
I would change the ending of The Lord of the Flies by showing the savages setting the forest alight and following Jack on the hunt for Ralph. They all believe Jack is actually tracking Ralph but instead Jack is just improvising hoping to get a glance of Ralph so the savages will think he is a 'real' hunter. However Ralph is in a completely different part of the Island and is running to the beach, ready to dive into the sea and swim away from the Island. As Ralph continues to sprint towards the beach he runs into two small figures and he realises it is Samneric. The twins explain how they managed to escape Jacks savages without them knowing and had been looking for Ralph since then. Suddenly the boys start running again towards the beach and Ralph expalins his plan to the twins about swimming away from the Island. The twins nod but as they approach the beach they come face to face with the naval officer. The officer explains to them that they saw their fire and the boys stand still looking up at him, he then goes on to ask if they are the only people on the Island, the three boys look at each other and then solemly nod to the officer. Slowly the boys board the boat and sail away form the Island, leaving the other boys alone in savagery.