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Lord of the flies: How I would change the Ending
— by Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar
I would change the end of Lord of the flies so that when they are running through the forest which is set alight, they catch ralph and mercilessly beat him. Whilst this is happening they do not realise that the Naval guy is standing there watching them, pulls out his revolver fires one shot into the air, and stops them from fighting. He pulls jack away and pistol whips him with the butt of his gun. Most of the boys get scared, after that they all get onto the ship and go home. After they get home, ralph reflects on his time on the Island, and how it differs to his normal life, whilst he is in school he almost seems bored and becomes restless, as he has spent all this time trying to survive and now he doesnt really have to do much to survive at all and its all there for him now. The last bit you see him walking away from the graves of Simon and Piggy crying.