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Re: Which philospopher do you agree with most - Hobbes or Rousseau?
— by Beans Beans
After reading the views of both philosophers I have come to the conclusion that I don't agree fully with either. I feel that Rousseau is naϊve and idealistic in thinking that people are naturally good and will opt for what is best for everyone. No human is truly good because we all have our own desires and are inherently selfish. Likewise Hobbes' views are equally misguided but in the opposite direction. Not all people are evil and lawless. In some situations humans are minded to perform great acts of altruism and self sacrifice. I believe that all people are born indifferent and therefore have a choice. Our morals are what guide us to do good or evil. If a just government is in power the society will tend to the good; if an unjust government is in power society will tend to the bad. E.g. Hitler's Nazi Germany. If I had to choose, even a bad government is better than no government and therefore I would agree with Hobbes more than Rousseau.

Big mistake Thomas or should I say... CHRIS! As the old saying goes, "first the worst, second the best, third the one with the hairy chest" Alex > Tom/Chris

It'll be interesting to see who posts third