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Corrections for Gibbo's novel
— by Shaun Shaun
Within chapter two of Lord of the Flies I believe that all the events that occur are of some significance to the overall plot, and links in to what will develop as the storyline moves on. These include the creation of the fire on the mountain, Piggy's outburst of feelings and also the sighting of the beast, which does show the true fear that all the children on the island have, that before this is masked by a mature behaviour where none of them really have it.

However in my opinion, I believe that the outburst that Piggy, commits himself to is the event with the most importance overall, for a variety of factors. For instance as 'Aidan' has stated, Piggy seems to be a reserved character that has no sense of control, and is always under Ralph’s palm, being ordered what to do, where in most cases he totally disagrees. This is because if we look at the progression of the plot, Piggy seems to find all the key factors, such as the conch as an example. Although he has made this discovery, he has no confidence to make it his burden, so he has no argument to stop Ralph for making it his own. This means that events such as this example above cause Piggy to burn his fuse, and verbally shout his feelings of the current events so far, that none of the other characters, in particular Jack Merridew expected. Statements from this rant are as follows:

- 'How can you expect to be rescued if you don’t put first things first and act proper?'

-'You got your small fire all right.'

- 'Unwillingly Ralph turned away from the splendid awful sight'

-'How could I with them little 'uns running round like insects?'

The lines above suggest that Piggy, is directly questioning the huge flaws in recent activities, directly linked to their survival. Therefore Piggy is projected in this 'rant' to be a logical but critical individual, whilst changing the power scheme, as he now seems to be more intelligent than Jack, or even Ralph. This means that they both are inferior to Piggy and are unable to stop his feelings coming out, proving to be their consequence of harsh actions before, indicating why this is the most important event in chapter 2. In addition, Piggy seems to be taking advantage of rules created, such as the conch because then Ralph cannot interrupt, this means that the leader with Jack has dug himself into a hole due to weak strategy as outlined by Piggy in his feelings on the matter.