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— by Daisy :) Daisy :)
Who is the best leader?
Ralph, Jack and Piggy all display good leader qualities in the first two chapters. Piggy has good ideas when it's just him and Ralph in the first chapter. I can see this by his first ideas when he talks to Ralph, 'We can use this to call the others.Have a meeting.They'll come when they here us-'. I think that this shows that Piggy thinks realistically. One problem with Piggy is that he deems scared to say some of his ideas sometimes as he tends to get overpowered by the other boys.
Jack, unlike Piggy is alot more confident when he enters the story and he instantly tries to take charge. You can see his leadership skills as soon as he enters the story as he is still taking charge of the choir also the choir look up to his as a rolemodel. When Jack and his choir enter the meeting he demands to know whether there is a adult on the island, 'Isn't there a man here?' i think this is because he wanted to take charge.
Ralph is alot more relaxed than both boys and doesn't seem panicked by being on the island alone with no adults. He later mentions that his dad is in the navy so he used to looking after himself, i think that this is a good quality as he is idependant but also it can be a fault as he may only look out for himself. Ralph also comes across very immature when all the boys are together as he tells everyone Piggy's name even though Piggy did not want him to 'he's not fatty, his real names Piggy!' this shows that he may not be mature enough to be a leader of so many boys.
Overall i believe that Piggy would make the best leader as his ideas are the best and also he does think realistically. Although is not confident i think that he can become more confident if the boys realise how good his ideas are.