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Re: What is the most important thing that happens in Chapter 2?
— by Alex King Alex King
Although when the boy with the birthmark disappears is a key event in Chapter 2, I do not believe it is the most significant. In my personal opinion I think that when the small boy asks Ralph what he is going to do about the "Beastie", is the most important part. This is because it doesn't just bring up one problem but two.
     The first of which is, and most obvious, is that panic breaks out. When this does all the littleuns immediately become scared and the assembly breaks down. This is shown in the text by "The older boys agreed; but here and there among the little ones was the dubiety that required more than rational assurance", which shows that not all of the little ones where satisfied with his answer. Therefore they do not trust Ralph, and that is where Jack has his moment to prove to everyone he can be leader, as he reassures the younger ones that he will hunt down the beast, if there is one, and kill it.
     Secondly the mention of the "beast" causes problems for Ralph. This is because it shows how Ralph can handle a situation, and it shows that he does not think as fast as Jack does. This therefore tells the audience that Jack is a leader that will think on his feet to make sure that others are happy in the short-term. Whereas Ralph is a leader that needs time to think things through and make sure that he makes the right decision rather than a quick one. Ralph also is shown here to be the outsider, as Jack has started to take control by making sure that the little ones feel safe.
     In conclusion I can see that the beast is going to create more problems in the future, and that the characters are blinded by this, and do not see a path that leads around it so that they can focus on being rescued.