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Re: What is the most important thing that happens in Chapter 2?
— by Oh Livi R Oh Livi R
Obviously all the events in Chapter Two are important. I think that in particular, the little boy going missing is very significant. Before that, they thought that being on the island was a sort of game, describing its landscape as 'wacco' and 'wizard'. None of them had really taken into account how much danger they were in. Ralph had assured them that 'sooner or later a ship will be put here... we shall be rescued'. Also, they made the fire more because it would be fun rather than because it would help them get off the island. They were acting, as Piggy said, 'like a crowd of kids'.

Then, when Piggy realized that the boy wasn't with them, the other boys began to realize that it wasn't all fun and games. Someone was most likely dead because they were so eager to make a fire. The disappearance of the young boy showed them that the island wasn't as fun and good as they thought it was; it had an 'unfriendly side'. Also, it says 'the drum-roll continued' in the last sentence of the chapter, which might be seen as implying that more deaths are going to follow, and that the island had already taken one victim.

Pea to the Eye to the Gee Gee Why.