Lord of the Flies

A forum for Nobel School students to discuss the novel.
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What point did the boys begin to descend into savagery? Topics Posts Last Post
really, it was from the beginning, when ralph disrobes himself into nudity and takes a swim. It was symbolism for shedding civilization. 0 0
by Jessie
Gibbings thinks that the point of which the group descend into savagery, is when Jack splits from Ralph and Piggy. This is because it signals the start of a more prominent divide, suggesting a contrast in civilizations is being projected from this point on. For example, Jack has regressed into b... 1 1
by Kate (:
Pig Hunt 0 0
by Nicola Sarah Jordan
Lord of the flies: How I would change the Ending Topics Posts Last Post
I would like to see the boys go home and to see how they adjust back into a civilised environment; I would also like to see if any of the boys stay friends and what the people at home think about their time on the island. I would also like to know whether or not the truth about Piggys and Simons... 0 0
by Abigail P
I would not change the ending, as all the loose ends are tied up, and as their are no bodies there would be no need for funerals or anything like that, if i was to change one thing, it would be the manner in which the naval officer appeared, as it was too sudden, and not enough suspense, 0 0
by Alex Gould
I would change the ending of Lord Of The Flies by the naval officer who comes to save Ralph ending up being his dad. Then, the little boys will all follow Ralph and try to become friends with him to be rescued by his dad. Everyone will be saved apart from Jack and Rodger because they have been p... 1 1
by Victoria Harding
I would change the ending of lord of the flies by as Jack and the other boys are setting alight the forest trying to catch Ralph. As Ralph tries to escape from Jack he trips on a stone and falls on his back, this enables Jack to find Ralph. Jack grabbed Ralph and all the other boys surrounded hi... 1 2
by Demi Tasker
I would change the ending so that it showed Ralph in hospital and the doctors all thought he was suffering from mental problems because of the stories he had told them about his adventure on the island. They obviously do not believe him because they were not realistic stories and therefore he is... 0 0
by Charlotte Malley
I would change the ending of the novel by ensuring that Jack and the other savage boys receive their comeuppance. Al though in real life not everything has a happy ending; the whole novel has been quite dark and sad. I think there should be some form of triumph for the boys that have remained ma... 0 0
by Caroline Pickering
I would change the ending by showing the boys arriving home and being reunited with their families, showing the boys attitude towards the idea and the families reaction when they find some of the boys are 'missing'. I would show how the boys would now cope in the real world after their expriance... 0 0
by Abi White
I would change the ending so that the officer would witness the boys chasing Ralph. Then he takes them all back to civilisation, then you can see the boys trying to adjust back to normal life, and Ralph gets an award for making England proud by not being savage. Then at the very last point, you ... 1 2
by :)
to change the ending, i would have had it so that the book didnt end with the naval officer arrving but after so we could see how the boys lives changed once they are back home, jack still an over aggressive savage, his mind wrecked by his experience. Ralph a much more quiet boy and scarred by w... 1 1
by Shannon Timberlake
Who is the best leader - Ralph, Jack or Piggy? Topics Posts Last Post
Who is the best leader? Ralph, Jack and Piggy all display good leader qualities in the first two chapters. Piggy has good ideas when it's just him and Ralph in the first chapter. I can see this by his first ideas when he talks to Ralph, 'We can use this to call the others.Have a meeting.They'll... 2 2
by lauren :)
What do you think Golding suggests about the different types of leaders in the lord of the flies? Topics Posts Last Post
I personally think that William Golding uses the idea of different island leaders to back up and support the subliminal message that underlines his novel of "The Lord Of The Flies". From reading the book it is gathered that Jack has been almost reborn in a sense that he is a different ... 0 0
by JoeHewett
Who is the dominant power on the island Ralph, or Jack? Why? Topics Posts Last Post
We think that Jack is the dominant power on the island. This is because any decisions that Ralph makes on the island are always over shaddowed by Jack. Ralph has no influence over Jack's decisions, as no matter how hard he tries he will not be listened too. This means that Jack is the dominant p... 0 0
by Kirst v
How does the opening prepare te reader for what is to come in the novel? Topics Posts Last Post
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What is the importance of the beast at different stages within the book? Topics Posts Last Post
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Which philosopher do you agree with most - Hobbes or Rousseau? Topics Posts Last Post
Bonjour, I agree with Hobbes the most, but I also agree with some of Rousseau's ideas. Hobbes' ideas are very realistic and true, I believe there is not a selfless deed, and everyone is 'ultimately self serving'. If you do a good deed, you feel better in yourself or you get praised over it. If ... 1 1
by Nicola Sarah Jordan
After reading the views of both philosophers I have come to the conclusion that I don't agree fully with either. I feel that Rousseau is naϊve and idealistic in thinking that people are naturally good and will opt for what is best for everyone. No human is truly good because we all have our own ... 0 0
by Beans
I agree with the View of Thomas Hobbes, saying that "without an effective state power people will lapse into a state of war", this has been proven many times over with a prime example being many African nations today. Corruption in these countries mean that there is no effective state ... 0 0
What is the most important thing that happens in Chapter 2? Topics Posts Last Post
Within chapter two of Lord of the Flies i believe that all the events that occur are of some significance to the overall plot, and links in to what will develop as the storyline moves on. These include the creation of the fire on the mountain, Piggy's outburst of fellings and also the sighting o... 2 2
by Shaun
Just like a few other people in this post...... I feel that the little boy going missing is the most significant thing that happens in chapter 2. I think this because it shoes that some of the boys care about the fact he is missing whilst overs show a more relaxed attitude. This could show t... 0 0
by Nicola Sarah Jordan
Personally I think that the fact that piggy is the only one to notice that a child is missing during his little rant, the child is missing within the fire and never found again suggesting that he is dead, the other boys still fixated on fire represents to me the fact that mankind is solely conce... 0 0
by Frostieez
Ok so loads of people have posted before me so I'm probably just repeating them but I have to say something. I feel that chapter two is a very important chapter in the development of the characters. The most significant moment - I feel - is the death of the small birth-marked child. The anarc... 0 0
by Beach!
I know many people have said this but I also think that the name of the chapter 'fire on the mountain' is the most important important thing that happens in chapter 2. I think the fire symbolises the power of the island and the boy going missing reminds them it's not a game and that it's dangero... 0 0
by Emma
Chapter 2 holds more than one significant event, the fire, beast and Piggy’s outburst. But Piggy’s speech plays a very important part in the storyline. Piggy is often the ‘brains’ behind the good ideas and decisions made, and yet he is not taken seriously, he’s constantly insulted and humiliate... 0 0
by .Robert
Even though this is technically not an event, i believe it has the most significance in Chapter 2. For me, the sun setting demonstrates a strong change in atmosphere, enflicting fear upon the boys. As the sun goes down, Piggy takes control and shouts at the rest of the boys. Then just as the sun... 0 0
by Kirstie
First and foremost I disagree with all of the above posts solely because they posted before me :) and i pre-emptively disagree with Emma's post for obvious reasons. In my opinion Chapter 2 is the spark which ignites the whole story. The main plot and many of the sub-plots begin here and the ... 0 0
by Beans
Within Chapter 2 there are some very important key events which are all important for different reasons. In my opinion like Livi said above I feel that the disapearance of the young boy with the birthmark is the most significant as it makes it clear to the reader that cracks are beginning to for... 1 1
by Alex King
Obviously all the events in Chapter Two are important. I think that in particular, the little boy going missing is very significant. Before that, they thought that being on the island was a sort of game, describing its landscape as 'wacco' and 'wizard'. None of them had really taken into account... 0 0
by Oh Livi R
Right, I think the most significant event that happens in chapter two is when Piggy loses his temper. I think this is the most significant as throughout chapter one we saw piggy as a quiet, child like immature character. Whereas here he starts to show some potential in standing up for himself. I... 0 0
by OH HI!
*WARNING PLOT SPOILERS* I personally believe that the most important thing that happens in chapter 2 is the boys setting the fire on the mountain, the way that they rush to start making one as soon as Ralph suggests the idea shows/infers to the reader that they will always be chaotic and be... 0 0